Enjoy amazing perks

Our employees enjoy perks and benefits in the form of gym memberships and vacation cottages. Employees also get significant discounts across a wide spectrum of goods and services with Icelandic businesses.

Staff meals

The same chefs who create the cuisine for Blue Lagoon’s famous LAVA Restaurant also create the meals for Blue Lagoon’s staff. A meal at our employee cafeteria is incredibly fulfilling.


Wellbeing in life and in the workplace is founded on physical health and mental balance. Our employees are given the opportunity to work out regularly and to nurture their mental wellbeing. In addition, staff are entitled to regular health checks and vaccinations.


Blue Lagoon maintains relationships with all sectors of the Icelandic business community, and our employees enjoy the fruits of these alliances in the form of significant discounts. Staff can also buy Blue Lagoon goods and services at special prices.

Work commute

We operate a work shuttle for the 45-minute commute between Reykjavík and Blue Lagoon. The time you spend reading, listening to music, talking to your co-workers, or simply staring out the window at the incredible landscape might become the most treasured part of your day.