A dynamic group of employees

Our staff is our most vital asset. We help employees channel their talents effectively, and we strive to give all staff members the opportunity to grow, achieve their goals, and fulfill their potential.

Diversity and harmony

Blue Lagoon is a diverse workplace where individuals of all ages, backgrounds, nationalities, and professional qualifications work in harmony.

“Guests with different cultural backgrounds have different needs. It can be very handy to have a first-hand experience from different parts of the world.”

Marisa Sicat is from the Philippines. She moved to Iceland in 1987 after finishing her university degree in the US. She has worked at Blue Lagoon since 2006, becoming the store manager in 2013. She has watched Blue Lagoon grow, and has grown with it.

“In many ways, the magic of Blue Lagoon is related to the environment. All construction is done with the highest regard for preserving the sanctity of the surrounding landscape.”

Hartmann Kárason was one of the first employees of Blue Lagoon, often wearing multiple hats: working reception, handling security, etc. He is now in charge of all new construction and development, and is a member of the executive team.

Education and training

We promote and support the professional development of our staff by investing continuously in their education and training. This enables employees to perform their roles with confidence, cope with unexpected changes, and take advantage of opportunities for individual growth and on-the-job development.