The Blue Lagoon strives to ensure equality between all genders and that each employee is to be assessed on their own merits, regardless of gender, race or other unsubstantiated criteria, so that there is no unjustified wage difference in the workplace. The purpose of the Blue Lagoon’s Equal Pay Policy is to ensure that the fullest equality is maintained between all genders at the Blue Lagoon, the aim is that all genders should enjoy the same terms for the same or equal value jobs.

The Blue Lagoon’s equal pay policy is an integral part of the company’s remuneration policy.


The scope of the Equal Pay Policy covers all employees of the Blue Lagoon.

Responsibility and role

The Blue Lagoon operates according to an equal pay system that covers all employees. The Executive Board is responsible for the implementation and review of the company’s Equal Pay Policy and that it complies with the Act on Equal Status and Gender Equality no. 150/2020.

Implementation and review

The Blue Lagoon undertakes to:

  • Constantly improve HR practices to ensure equality for all in the company employees.
  • Receive suggestions and complaints and use them for the development and development of the Blue Lagoon’s human resources management and equal pay criteria.
  • Conduct an annual wage analysis to see whether there are measureable gender-based differences between wages for equal work or work of equal value.
  • Respond to unexplained wage differentials through continuous improvement and monitoring.
  • Follow the Equal Pay Standard ÍST 85: 2012
  • Confirm compliance with legal requirements pertaining to the equal pay system on an annual basis.

Approved by the Executive Board, November 16, 2021.